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Faculty Resources

​Events Schedule

McMaster University Organizational Development is running the free sessions below. Use this link to register for any of them: 

Rounds Recordings:

Rounds January 12, 2022 - Dr. Mehdiya Hemani "An Approach to the Initial Investigation and Management of Adnexal Masses"

Rounds January 19, 2022 - Dr. Graeme Smith "Pregnancy Complications and Postpartum Cardiovascular Risk Screening"

 Rounds January 26, 2022 - Carol Cameron "Alongside Midwifery Unit (AMU) 101"

 Rounds February 9, 2022 - Drs. Suzanne Turner and Robin Lennox "Introducing iPROSPR: Hospital-based Rapid Stabilization of Substance Use in Pregnancy"

 Rounds February 16, 2022 - Dr. Giulia Muraca "An outcome based assessment of the optimal cesarean delivery rate using 17 years of data from Sweden and Canada"

Rounds February 23, 2022 - Dr. Leslie Po and Leigh Andrews, RN "PROMPT at Sunnybrook"

Rounds March 2, 2022 - Dr. Kristin Horsley "Conceptualizing health at work: results from the wellness survey and ideas for change

 Rounds March 9, 2022 - Dr. Vasilia Vastis "Premature ovarian sufficiency: Is stem cell therapy the answer?"

Rounds March 23, 2022 - Dr. Daniela Carusi "Placenta Accreta: Identification and Management across the Spectrum"

 Rounds March 30, 2022 - Dr. Darine El-Chaâr "Pregnant and Lactating Individuals and Newborn COVID-19 Vaccination Prospective Cohort Study, PLAN-V"

Rounds April 6, 2022 - RT Weaver, Dr. Jennifer Blake "Environmental Hazards: The Role of the Ob and Gyn Care provider"

Rounds April 27, 2022 - Dr. Alison Holloway "Polycyclic aromatic compounds and female reproductive health"

Mohide Lectureship May 4, 2022 - Drs. Deb Sloboda and Kate Kennedy "Fetal meconium does not have a detectable microbiota before birth”

Rounds May 11, 2022 - Jo-anne Petropoulos "Library Services to Support your Research"

Rounds May 25, 2022 - Dr. Meera Luthra "Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy"

Rounds June 1, 2022 - Dr. Brian Wong "Building Capacity for Quality Improvement in Academic Departments"

Rounds June 15, 2022 - Dr. David Finkelstein "Boundaries and Professionalism"

Rounds September 7, 2022 - Dr. Ian Rogers "Umbilical Cord Blood and Tissue Cells: Current Advanced Cell Based Treatments" 

 Rounds September 14, 2022- Lisa Nussey, RM "Responsibility and Justice: Considerations for increasing access to Prenatal Care"

 Rounds, September 28, 2022 - Dr. Jean Chamberlain "MACGLOBAS: A local initiative to address the global health care crisis"

 Rounds October 5, 2022 - Dr. Heather Millar "Practical approaches to integrating Trauma-Informed Care into your clinical practice"


New Faculty: 

(page development in progress, please check back ​for this soon)

Academic Credits: 


STAR and MacFacts are the University approved databases for maintaining an updated Curriculum Vitae. This database is also used to record merit for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

The Computer Services Unit provides training and user ID/passwords to Faculty and Administrative Staff. 


The Academic Recognition and Compensation System (ARCS) provides recognition of academic contributions for McMaster University work during the academic year (July 1 through June 30th). The ARCS model that is used assigns point values for each role in Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Fellowship Education, Post Professional Education, Administration and Research.

Please see the below files for the principles of the system and a complete list and description of the roles.



Part-time/Adjunct Assignments:

Faculty members, who are appointed primarily to perform clinical teaching (minimum contribution of 100 weighted hours annually), will be appointed at one of the following ranks dependent on experience and/or academic credentials:

i. Assistant Clinical Professor
ii. Associate Clinical Professor
iii. Clinical Professor

Faculty members, who are appointed primarily to contribute to non-clinical teaching(minimum contribution of 100 weighted hours annually) will be appointed at one of the following ranks dependent on experience and/or academic credentials:

i. Assistant Professor (Part-Time)
ii. Associate Professor (Part-Time)
iii. Professor (Part-Time)

Faculty members, who are expected to provide a minimum of 150 hours of educational contributions over a three year period can be appointed to the following ranks:

i. Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct)

Part-time academic appointments can be renewed for up to three years, with no limit on the number of renewals.

Initial Applications:

Renewal Applications:

For any further questions, please contact the department Human Resources Manager.

CBD Newsletters

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Royal College Resources

PGME McMaster Resources

Hooker Distinguished Lecturer Series: Topic Covered

Date of Recording

Link to Lecture

Maternal Morbidity and Mortality: A Canadian Update                             

Nov 22, 2021 LINK

Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Mortality (MBRRACE):        Why is this imperative?

Nov 23, 2021 LINK

Lessons learned From United Kingdom Obstetric Surveillance System (UKOSS) – Focus on COVID-19 and pregnancy

Nov 24, 2021 LINK

Summarizing the United Kingdom’s success with reporting maternal mortality and morbidity (UKOSS and MBRRACE)

Nov 24, 2021 LINK

The Achievements of UKOSS in driving guideline change and improving outcomes

 Nov 25, 2021 LINK


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