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Greg O’Connell Lectureship

The objectives of the Lectureship are to acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Greg O’Connell to the delivery of excellent clinical and psychosocial gynecologic cancer care to women in Southern Ontario; to enhance the gynecologic cancer education of practicing community and academic physicians and obstetrics and gynecology residents; and, to provide a forum to discuss gynecologic cancer issues for the lay public.

Who was Greg O’Connell?

Greg O'ConnellGreg was a gynecologic oncologist at the former Juravinski Regional Cancer Centre and Henderson Hospital. He advocated for excellence in gynecology and oncology.

His interest in novel therapies was developed as he led the gynecologic site group of the National Cancer Institute of Canada. His concern for the psychosocial well being of the patients and her family unit were epitomized as he and his wife Maureen O’Connor co-founded Wellwood. This annual visiting lectureship recognizes Greg’s tremendous energy, medical expertise, delight in people and love of fun. The two day visiting lectureship in Dr. O’Connell’s memory is an initiative of the division of Gynecologic Oncology in conjunction with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at McMaster University.

Past Lectureships

  • 2017   Dr. Laura Hopkins 2017 Flyer
  • 2016   Dr. Sarah Ferguson: 2016 Flyer
  • 2015   Dr. Marie-Hélène Mayrand: 2015 Flyer
  • 2014   Dr. Jessica McApline: 2014 Flyer
  • 2013   Dr. Janice Kwon: 2013 Flyer
  • 2012   Dr. Gavin Stuart: Practice-changing Clinical Trials in Gynecologic Cancer
  • 2011   Dr. Allan Covens: Fertility Preserving Surgery for Early Stage Cervical Cancer
  • 2010   Dr. David G. Huntsman: Is personalized cancer control finally possible? Viewing cancer genomes at base pair resolution. Ovarian carcinoma sub-types are distinct diseases. When will we start treating them that way?
  • 2009   Dr. Peter Grigsby: FDG-PET in Cervical Cancer
  • 2008   Dr. Karen Glass: The Ins and Outs of Laparascopy
  • 2007   Dr. Peter Bryson: HPV and Vaccines
  • 2006   Dr. Diane Miller: Current Approaches to HPV Testing
  • 2005   Dr. M. Roy: Vulvar Diseases: What you thought you knew — The evolution of minimally invasive surgery in gynecologic oncology
  • 2004    Dr. D DePetrillo: Sexuality in Cancer

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