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Mission Statement & Strategic Plan

We are committed to providing excellent educational programs, leading edge basic science and health-care research and the highest quality in patient care. Our mission is education, research and effective care for women.

Mission Statement

“To be a leading academic department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Canada.”

Our academic department provides leading edge women’s health care through clinical excellence, innovative research and effective educational strategies.

Vision Statement

We will be national and international academic leaders striving to advocate and promote advancements in women’s health.

“Our mission is excellence in education, research and evidence-based effective care for women."


Bi-directional Communication

Quality of care:

  • Family Centred
  • Education of patients
  • Learners and each other
  • Accountability
  • Excellence



  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Altruism
  • Compassion


  • For individuals
  • For diversity
  • For one another
  • Non-authoritarianism
  • Democracy
  • Transparency

Strategic Plan 


  • Create innovative education strategies with the use of technology.
  • Provide appropriate recognition and remuneration for education-related activities.
  • Optimize recruitment, training and ongoing evaluation and feedback to educators.
  • Promote educational research.
  • Address educational needs through a fair and logical distribution of educational activities.


  • Move towards a single unit (physical and clinical).
  • Foster clinical excellence.
  • Recruit a critical mass of generalists and sub-specialists.
  • Institute a formal risk management/quality assurance system.
  • Create universal best evidence protocols that improve quality of care and efficiency.  


  • Develop a research strategy for Obs/Gyn that enhances existing strengths and draws relevant linkages to build external synergy.
  • Promote an enabling culture for research that includes universal participation and opportunity for research.
  • Engage the community in bidirectional knowledge transfer and creation pertaining to women’s health research.
  • Become a leading centre for women’s reproductive health research.  

Outreach and Linkages

  • Develop a national strategy for the Department.
  • Develop a local strategy for the Department.  
  • Raise the departmental profile through public relations and branding.
  • Build two-way communication bridges on medical matters with the community.
  • Invest in offsite departments to transfer knowledge to surrounding communities

Organizational Development

  • Achieve virtual amalgamation of the Department
  • Promote accountability for behaviour through a code of conduct and process for enforcement.  
  • Reorganize to capitalize on individual, subspecialty and generalist strengths.  
  • Promote physician mental and physical health and wellness.

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