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The following is a documentation of developments in reproductive health care in Hamilton, from the late 1800’s to the present.  Unfortunately, much information from the early years has been lost.  Nevertheless, there are tantalizing details which have survived which give us some insight into early developments in Hamilton.

Hamilton’s path was not an isolated one.  Its development occurred within the context of many revolutionary changes in practice in the late 19th and during the 20th centuries.  This history will include some of these developments to assist the reader in understanding the times in which the individuals described here lived.

While we think of our own times as encompassing major changes and challenges such as the internet, AIDS, SARS, reproductive technologies (such as IVF) and medical robotics, these changes pale in comparison to the new knowledge and revolutionary techniques which marked the 19th and 20th centuries.  For, it was from the 19th century onward that health care professions began a concerted move away from dubious empirical arts towards practice based on sound scientific foundations.

(excerpt from A History of Reproductive Care in Hamilton by Dr. Patrick Mohide) 



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